…but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. -Romans 12:2


A few words from past support group members about the ministry:

“Hungry Hearts is an answer to a prayer I never knew I had. I had no idea what to expect from a support group, but what I have received is more than I could have ever asked or hoped for. God has used this group in my life to show me what it looks like to be healed. Being with other women who have shared similar experiences, who understand your struggle, who care for one another in a way no others can care, is such an amazing blessing. Each women brings something different to the group and through our shared experiences, we can celebrate successes, empathize with struggles, and encourage one another through prayer. Hungry Hearts helps you to learn how to put on the Amour of Christ to fight the spiritual battle that rages within.

For someone like myself who has dealt with this struggle for the majority of my life, I was beginning to feel that I would be this way forever. Having the leader of the group, Stephanie, and all the mentors be women who have overcome their own eating disorder was exactly what I needed to see. Women who have been in my shoes, come out the other side, and are standing strong in Christ to be the unique, beautiful creations God had made them to be. When I met Stephanie and the mentors, I was so absolutely relieved to see the other side that I knew Christ could do the same for me. The focus on Christ as our savior and redeemer is such a blessing. This is a spiritual battle of great proportion and the only way to succeed is to hand it over to God and trust Him to heal you. We must struggle with Him in faith, but know in our hearts that without Christ, we will not be healed. Praise God for Hungry Hearts and the impact that it is making for women in this area!” -Deirdre Lozzi

“Hungry Hearts has made all the difference in my recovery.  The women in the group taught me how to use scripture and prayer as tools to fight against Satan and my eating disorder.  Being in a support group with women of such strong faith has had a tremendous impact on me.  My faith has grown incredibly since I became involved in this group and so has my desire to learn more about God and study His word.  Using a text based on self and spiritual awareness to fight an eating disorder was incredibly powerful.  I finally understand that it is Satan that I am fighting and I can use my faith to dispel his lies.  I really believe that believing and trusting God is how a person can move away from his or her eating disorder.  Developing a relationship with my mentor was another important part of this program that helped me towards recovery.  Having someone to talk and pray with inbetween sessions helped keep me focused on my battle and offered another amazing sense of support.  Finally, I feel that I have made lifelong friends in this group.  We have truly bonded and have a very strong desire to support each other and grow together in faith.” -Anonymous

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